Carpet & Tile Floor Cleaning Services

If your floors are dirty, dingy, stained or otherwise unsightly, it can quickly detract from the look and feel of your home or business. If you are unimpressed with your flooring the way it is and you are considering getting new flooring altogether, try deep cleaning first to see if you can restore the good looks of your flooring without the need for replacement.

At Green Clean Floor Care, we specialize in floor cleaning. We utilize exceptional cleaning solutions that are made to pull dirt out of carpet fibers, concrete, marble and natural stone. Our green carpet cleaning and green tile cleaning services will renew the original clean and vibrant look of your flooring using EPA-approved and environmentally safe cleaning materials. We select green cleaning solutions that are safe for your environment and gentle on your floors, ensuring that no chemical odor is left over after cleaning and that the integrity of your floors is not compromised.

Our floor maintenance services include deep cleaning, odor removal, polishing, sealing, drying and pressure washing, depending on the type of flooring you have. Our green carpet & tile cleaning services will wipe away dirt stuck to your tile and grout, allowing the original shine, color and texture of the tile to come through. Our green carpet cleaning services will clean deep into carpet fibers, removing stuck-on dirt gently and effectively without affecting the softness or strength of the carpet. You will be amazed how brightly your tile and carpet will look once again.

Whether you are preparing for a party, you have just moved into a new home, or you want to revitalize the look of the flooring at your business, carpet cleaning and tile cleaning will restore the beauty of your floors. Call Green Clean Floor Care at 661-333-3489 or fill out our form to get a FREE quote today or schedule our green carpet or tile cleaning services.