Commercial Cleaning services

Your floors are one of the first things that customers notice when they walk in the door. Green Clean Floor Care provides commercial cleaning services to keep all types of flooring clean and polished. With regularly scheduled commercial floor cleaning and floor maintenance in and around Bakersfield, CA, you can keep your restaurant tile, stone, marble, concrete or carpeted flooring looking polished and new.

Restaurant Deep Clean

If the Heath Department decides to shut you down it can cost you thousands of dollars a day. Tile floors  can trap dirt and grease, and roaches love that stuff. Built up grease also creates an acid the will erode your grout and create holes in your grout( another health code violation). With a deep clean program you will avoid a costly shut down. Our safe products breakdown the grease and are pressure washed away with our contained pressure washing system. Don’t wait till the Health department gets a complaint, ACT NOW.

Carpet Cleaning
Dirt and dust can easily become entrenched in carpets. As people walk across your floor, dirt is deposited on the carpet and then pressed into the fibers with every additional step. Over time, vacuuming simply won’t catch all the dirt that has become buried and ground into the carpet. With our commercial floor cleaning services, we can lift out this dirt and pull it out of the carpet gently, yet effectively.

Tile Cleaning
Similar to carpets, dirt can also make tile floors fade over time. We utilize cleaning solutions that are specially made for use on tile floors. This allows us to wipe away and lift dirt, grime and dust from tile and grout. We also offer sealing services to protect the newly cleaned surface, and help make the shiny, clean and polished look last for longer.

Power Washing
When dirt is stuck in concrete, stone, brick, tile and other surfaces – whether inside or outside – power washing has the strength required to push the dirt out. We will remove dust, dirt, grime, oil and other materials from your surfaces so that they look like new again.

Janitorial Services
In addition to comprehensive floor cleaning, we also provide janitorial services to keep your entire office or commercial space looking neat, well-organized and professional.

To schedule any type of cleaning services or learn more about our capabilities, call us for a free quote today at 661-333-3489.