Non-Toxic Granite Countertop Cleaning Services

Granite countertops are an exceptional asset to any home. Though they are long-lasting and durable, they are not immune to dirt, dust and stains. If you have lighter-colored countertops, like white, ivory, pink, blue or light gray, you will notice stains and dirt more easily. As with all types of stone, dirt and stains eventually become trapped in the granite surface over time. That means the beautiful, polished and sparkling look of your granite countertops that you fell in love with years ago may not shine today like they once did. If your granite counters are in need of a deep cleaning, call the team at Green Clean Floor Care.

As a comprehensive cleaning company, we offer granite cleaning and green stone cleaning services to help lift away dirt and grime. With our environmentally safe and friendly cleaning solutions, we can restore the exceptional look of your counters and make your granite and stone surfaces look like new again.

If you installed your granite countertops years ago or are buying a home with existing counters, they may not shine like they used to. With green stone cleaning services, we will renew the fantastic appearance of your polished granite countertops while ensuring they are safe to use. We know that your granite countertops may be used for food preparation, eating or serving meals, and that is why we use environmentally friendly and EPA-approved cleaning solutions to clean every surface.

Cleaning granite countertops is also a smart investment if you’re preparing to sell your home. Granite counters are a highly sought-after amenity, and by removing old stains, dirt and grime, you can make your kitchen or bathroom counters look their best and help draw attention from prospective buyers.

All of our cleaning solutions are made to extract dirt, oil, grime and bacteria without affecting the integrity of the granite or leaving any kind of chemical residue behind. Once we have cleaned your granite countertops, they will be ready to use safely again and will look as good as they once did.

To learn more, get a quote or schedule green stone cleaning for your granite countertops, call the team at Green Clean Floor Care today at 661-333-3489.