Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Services

Natural stone has a distinctive look that will give your home or business an elegant, polished and refined appearance. Natural stone surfaces are common both inside and outside of the home, and serve as functional elements that increase curb appeal and add valuable aesthetic features to your kitchen, bathroom, foyer, patio or other area. Like all types of floors, the look of natural stone can easily become covered by dust, dirt, oil and grime after years of use. If your natural stone is not as impressive as it should be, Green Clean Floor Care provides safe, environmentally friendly natural stone cleaning that will make your stone look like new again.

We specialize in safe, environmentally friendly cleaning services that won’t cause damage to your stone floors. Choosing the wrong cleaning solution for natural stone can weaken flooring or discolor or stain the natural look. Many cleaning chemicals offered in stores are made to disinfect surfaces, but the acidity of these compounds can eat away at stone floors, destroying your valuable and good-looking stone. The etching caused by acidic cleaners also creates more space for dirt to get in, potentially leading to more damage to your stone floors over time.

Our natural stone cleaning services use cleaning solutions that are made for use on natural stone, so they will clean away dirt and grime without causing etching and other damage. Our natural stone cleaning services can restore the look of a wide range of natural stone flooring materials, including marble cleaning, travertine cleaning, slate, granite, limestone and more. Whatever type of natural stone floor you have – and no matter what condition it is in – we can help you clean it and make it look like new again.

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