Residential Cleaning Services

Granite Counters

IMG_0066Most granite counters are not cared for properly. Subpar sealers are used, if at all, and hard water deposits, along with harsh chemicals can dull the color and reflectivity. Most sealers only protect against water, ours protect against oil and water. We will remove harsh deposits, rejuvenate the color, seal and protect against oil and water leaving your granite smooth and protected. If you follow our care plan you will never have to seal again

Natural Stone

Travertine: is one of the most popular natural stone floors. Since, a natural stone floor is a softer material than the man made ceramic tile, dirt will scratch the surface just like sandpaper decreasing the reflective nature of the stone. We can remove those deeper scratches with diamond pads or a polish for minor scratches. Whatever type of travertine that you have we can restore it. Some types of travertine have naturally occurring holes that will come to the surface over time. These holes can be filled to keep out the dirt.

Marble: as with all natural stone floors and surfaces sealing is a must. Carrera marble is popular in bathroom, but the downside it that it contains iron. If marble is not sealed with a high quality penetrating sealer the iron will rust and there is no recourse. We do not recommend Carrera Marble for showers for this reason. Marble entryways are also popular but, we also recommend having large area rugs at all entry points. Remember, dirt is like sandpaper to any natural stone. Keep it off your floors and catch it at your doors.

Carpet Care

carpetAs with any floor surface it takes a beating, carpet is no exception. A carpet is one of the best air filters you can have but just like any other air filter it needs to be cleaned. The Carpet Rug Institute recommends every 6 to 18 months (pro tip: extraction method is the approved method). Just like your natural stone floors, the same care should be applied to your carpet. Applying a protectant will protect against accidental spills and pet accidents (pro tip: blot with white paper towel do not rub).

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