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Penny S. Bakersfield, CA @ 12/28/2016

Very satisfied customer. Definitely will use again!
Green Clean Floor Care cleaned my whole house and kitchen. The results on the carpet and tile were fabulous. The cleaners are extremely knowledgeable–they really knew what they were doing. I’m not sure if this is a term, but I’d describe them as “professionally friendly.” I have already told a lot of my friends about their service. I would highly recommend them.

Mandy H. Bakersfield, CA @ 12/28/2016

Steve Richardson is extremely conscientious about his work and does an excellent job!
I was very pleased at how good our floors looked upon completion of the cleaning…..better than I even thought they would look. This was not the first job that Steve has done for me nor will it be the last. He does what he says he is going to do, is very dependable and the price is right:).

Arin R. @ 12/28/2016

Not only a consummate professional, he is a great guy as well!
I would recommend Green Clean Floor Care to anybody! He came into my home and I have several dogs, very large dogs, and they made a couple “messes” that I thought were unable to be cleaned and I thought I would have to replace the carpet. Steve asked if he could give it a shot, and I had nothing to lose, so he came in and made the carpet basically look like new! Not only did I pay him, I gave him a big tip. I was absolutely astounded by the work that he did. I would recommend him very, very highly to others, and I already have! He is a man I would trust in my home with my values, without question. He is an absolute great guy. I trust him to do the work, and I would call him again. He is just a fantastic individual that does incredible work. I am extremely pleased!

Michelle R. Bakersfield, CA @ 12/28/2016

Definitely will use again
Green Clean Floor Care cleaned the grout from my tile floors in large areas, from my kitchen to the hallway. The man who came explained how to do the treatment and the process of heat before he did it. He answered any questions I had. He worked around my schedule. He effectively and thoroughly cleaned the grout, and I was very impressed with the work he did. I was thrilled I didn’t have to do it myself. Thanks Steve!

Kerri Wagner @ 12/28/2016

I knew I needed help deep cleaning my floors, both tile and carpet. I had no idea that they could look as good as they do. I am delighted with the outcome and so glad I called! Now I’m not embarrassed when people come visit and I don’t hesitate to lay down on the carpet for exercise or to play a board game with the kids. Very pleased.

MBailey @ 12/28/2016

They did a wonderful job!
Thrilled with the results.
Thank you so much!


I would whole-heartedly recommend Green Clean Floor Care/Steve Richardson to anyone interested in having their floors cleaned. Steve’s attention to detail is superior to any floor company we have tried in the past 17 years! Our floors look fantastic!

Vincent LiRocchi


So meticulous to insure a good outcome. Steve is trust worthy and his charges are fair.

Kathleen Irvine